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A regular auto tune up can help your vehicle run more smoothly and efficiently. An auto tune up and service brings power back to your vehicle and helps maintain original performance. This routine maintenance will ensure your vehicle’s parts and systems are in tip-top shape and functioning as they should be.

Casey Car Care LLC, a family owned and local auto repair shop in Issaquah, WA, has been providing customers with auto tune up services for 35 years. Our years of experience give you confidence that your vehicle is in good hands—even if they are greased up hands.

Fixing a car that is badly out of tune not only helps increase engine performance, but it can boost fuel economy as well. Routine maintenance also helps you avoid costly repairs. Common parts that often need replaced when performing an auto tune up are spark plugs, the air filter, fuel filter, belts, and hoses. Fluids may also need flushed and changed.

At Casey Car Care LLC, if a part does not need replaced, we do not replace it. We are not in the business of fixing things that do not need fixed, or dealing unethically with our customers. We inspect your vehicle, report back to you, and provide the necessary maintenance.

We provide oil changes and engine services. Changing your vehicle’s oil is important because over time it breaks down and becomes less effective as a lubricant. Without a good lubricant, engine parts rub together and begin to wear out. This preventative maintenance helps mitigate the risk of needing large engine repairs later on.

Casey Car Care LLC provides you with an affordable auto tune up.

If you have noticed a change in your car’s performance, call Casey Car Care LLC and schedule services today!

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